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Q: What is Mirabela Travel Club?2020-10-22T16:56:17+11:00

A: Mirabela Travel Club is a great new service provided by Mirabela Executive Dating. Mirabela Travel Club has joined with an experienced Travel Horizons Cruise and Travel, to provide you our valued clients with the opportunity to travel, locally, Australia, South Pacific and everywhere with like minded singles and couples. Horizons Cruise and Travel is your professional travel entrepreneur assisting you with luxury travel dating adventures.

Q: Who are Horizons Cruise and Travel?2020-10-22T17:03:20+11:00

A: Horizons Cruise and Travel owner and principal, has over 45 years of experience in the tourism and travel industry. Horizons Cruise and Travel is an experienced travel agent supplying all travel services including:

  • Access to the best deals by leading cruise and travel companies
  • Tailored made holidays to meet your requirements
  • Ocean and River cruising
  • Expedition cruising
  • Air Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Package holidays
  • Car hire
  • Coach touring
  • Group travel & regular group departures
  • Travel Insurance

Powered by Travel Partners an Australian owned company, and is back by one of Australia’s largest travel companies. Click here  Horizons Cruise and Travel General Terms conditions may be seen here.

Q: What are the benefits of booking with Mirabela Travel Club?2020-10-22T17:21:07+11:00

A: Mirabela Travel Club and Horizons Cruise and Travel have put together unique Mirabela Travel Club exclusive departures which are specifically designed for Mirabela Travel clients. You will not see these amazing experiences on any other similar website. Mirabela Travel Club offers you travel with like minded registered matched single or couples.

Q: How do I book a travel package?2020-10-14T20:33:59+11:00

A: It’s a simple step by step process, Mirabela and Horizon Cruise and Travel are with you every step of the way

STEP 1: If you’re not already a member with us, you can register for free!

STEP 2: Fill out the Travel Club form and start recording your videos telling us all about yourself and your travel style – don’t forget to show three forms of ID

STEP 3: Mirabela will then begin the Matchmaking process

STEP 4: Your travel companions or Match will be selected and shared with you followed by a phone call to discuss this potential travel partner or partners if you are travelling in a group

STEP 5: Once all parties have agreed to the packages and payment is made you will receive your travel document

STEP 6: Enjoy your travel Adventure!

Q: Do I have to be single to book a travel-date?2020-10-14T20:34:21+11:00

A: No. This is tailed for singles and Mirabela matched couples to join in on the travel experience.

Q: What is a Mirabela Matched Couple?2020-10-14T20:34:39+11:00

A: A couple who are existing Mirabela members who have already been matched and are currently dating.

Q: What details do you require to make a booking?2020-10-14T20:47:06+11:00

A: All fields in the application form must be filled out accurately to have your inquiry processed accurately. INCLUDING:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Payment details
  • Driver’s License or Passport (if required for overseas travel)
  • Emergency Contact
Q: What is included in the Mirabela Travel Club Packages2020-10-22T17:25:17+11:00

A: Our packages do vary, the majority of our packages include but are not limited to return executive transport to and from the destination, food, most beverages and accommodation, local tours and experiences. All inclusions are specifically listed on our travel packages.

Q: When will the exclusive Mirabela Travel club tours be available?2020-10-22T17:28:40+11:00

A: Mirabela Travel Club packages will be on offer from late October 2020. Departures are available from mid-week to weekend days. Due to COVID-19 conditions, all packages have been packaged as is required by COVID-19 in Sydney’s, NSW and interstate travel conditions. When restrictions begin to lift, so will our travel packages and we will see more domestic and international travel packages being available. Click here for details about our Travel partner 

Q: Will discounts and special offers be available to Mirabela Travel Club Members?2020-10-22T10:43:58+11:00

A: Yes, Horizons Cruise and Travel will offer all Mirabela Travel Club members, special offers, discounts on local, domestic and international travel. Horizons Cruise and Travel through its agreement with many the Travel Partners company and travel suppliers will be to offer you the best fares and deals available. Fares are all inclusive and are generally as published or displayed on websites. Check with us for a quotation before booking online.

Q: Are Horizons Cruise and Travel Competitive?2020-10-22T10:40:48+11:00

A: Yes Horizons Cruise and Travel is backed by a large Australian travel group with access to the best fares and services. Horizons Cruise and Travel is a professional mobile travel entrepreneur, with access to the best resources. 

Q: Do we pay more by using a mobile travel professional travel agent?2020-10-26T14:31:40+11:00

A: No. All fees and commissions that are paid by travel companies and Travel professionals are included in fares. In many situations’ fares may be less expensive or include other inclusions that are not included in online sellers packages. Quotations will always show full inclusions. Engaging the services of a travel professional will ensure quality, travel with confidence, expert and professional advice, personal advice and peace of mind.

Q: How will I pay for my travel arrangements?2020-10-22T10:29:24+11:00

A: Pre-Payment will be available through a secure payment gateway.
Payment options: Credit and Debit card, all cards are excepted, and credit card fees apply Electronic Bank Transfer (no fees apply). Payments will be required when booking specific Mirabela travel packages.

For all domestic and international travel pre-Payment will be required.
Deposits and final payment dates and details will be advised by Mirabela Travel Club on all quotations an confirmations.
Invoices and statements will be issued for all travel arrangements.

Q: Will we receive travel documents?2020-10-22T17:32:14+11:00

A: Yes, your travel documents will be issued by Horizons Cruise and Travel 7 days from date of travel by email to your nominated email address. For domestic and international travel, travel documents will be mailed to your nominated address approximately 14 – 21 days from date of travel. If travel within 7 days, documents will be Expressed post to your home address.

Q: Will I need to carry our documents?2020-10-22T17:36:28+11:00

A: It is advised to carry all relevant issued documentation with you on your travel adventures. Documents for one day trips will not be required to be carried. For domestic packages E documents should be carried or transferred to your smart phone. All documents will be emailed as JPG files.

Q: I want to go with a group of people but none of my friends are single, what now?2020-10-14T20:38:50+11:00

A: That’s ok, we can pair you with a group of Mirabela members who are keen to go on the same travel package as you, these trips aren’t only about making a romantic connection, but they’re also an opportunity to meet some like-minded individuals.

Q: I want to go on a trip with some of my friends but they aren’t members, can they register?2020-10-22T10:26:13+11:00

A: Yes, you can refer your friends to us and they can register for free, once we’ve approved their application you can all book together to go on the same trip

Q: You’ve mentioned that registration is free, how does that work?2020-10-22T12:14:11+11:00

A: We do require you to register on our travel dating data base, to be able to receive our updated travel information about dating trips for singles, couples and matchmaking tips from Maria Mirabela

Q: I have four friends who are keen to go away on one of the trips, what happens next?2020-10-22T10:19:58+11:00

A: Firstly, please make sure you’re all registered with Mirabela, once you’re all registered, we’ll work hard in the background to find a good romantic match for each member of your group, so essentially in the group if there are four females booked on there will also be four males booked to go away in the same group too.

Q: I’m already in a couple, can I still book onto one of the trips?2020-10-14T20:40:08+11:00

A: Yes! As long as you’re in a couple that was put together by us at Mirabela, you can book onto any of the trips. We’re keen to help our already formed couples build on their relationship away from every day life.

Q: I can’t go on the dates you have listed on your site, will there be anymore dates released?2020-10-22T10:17:45+11:00

A: Yes, we will be releasing some new and additional dates in the coming months, so please check back with us to see if you can find a date suitable.

Q: How much do I need to pay?2020-10-23T12:30:39+11:00

A: We’ve made sure the cost of all the trips are clearly outlined on our website. The total price you see on each package is all inclusive.  Mirabela Travel Club exclusive packages.

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