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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Who Is Mirabela?2020-10-07T13:56:51+11:00

A: Mirabela is an exclusive introduction dating agency for single professionals, looking for a long-term partner and a fulfilling relationship.

Q: How do we work?2020-10-07T13:59:54+11:00

A: We personally select and screen every single member, so that we can make sure our matches are people of high value. We have a set process in which applicants are sent a character questionnaire and then met personally to be qualified.

We offer the unique, added service of relationship and dating coaching and a personal stylist. We believe that. in order for you to have an incredible relationship, you need to put your best foot forward.

Q: Is there a fee involved?2020-10-07T14:02:54+11:00

A: Yes, there is a membership fee involved, because we believe that your love life and happiness is an investment. The fee will vary in regards to the package or membership level you choose.

Q: Can I get a refund?2020-10-07T14:03:21+11:00

A: Unfortunately, we don’t do refunds and, with our 95% success rate, we can confidently say that our methods work!

Q: Maria Mirabela’s success rate2020-10-07T14:04:28+11:00

A: My success rate as a matchmaker is my combination of 15 years of intuitive matchmaking experience together with behavioural psychology to cover every possible aspect of a perfect match.

I know that in order to attract the right partner, one must also become the right partner. This is why we offer the complete package through styling and coaching to prepare you for your journey to find love.

It allows you to present yourself in the best way possible whilst still remaining authentic.

We look for potential partners who not only share our client’s values and lifestyle, but also those that will complement our client’s communication style. And we continue to coach our clients through their dating experience, offering feedback and guidance to help them create a healthy, loving long-term relationship.

Mirabela Executive Dating isn’t just offering you a moment of chemistry, but rather a lifetime of love.

Q: How are we different to a dating app or online site?2020-10-07T14:04:50+11:00

A: Mirabela is a personalised matchmaking service that is dedicated to helping you find and build a successful relationship. We screen each member personally to find the ideal match, someone who meets your criteria. We will arrange a face to face interview with all potential clients.  They will provide us with 3 forms of ID – one must be a driver’s licence with photo ID or a current passport.

We conduct a 1-hour interview which is totally discreet and assures our client of confidentiality.

Our consultants are women in their 30s-40s who have had experience in the dating sector for a minimum or 10 years.

The real difference between Mirabela Executive Dating and an online dating site is that we become your personal relationship companion and we do not accept quantity over quality.

Each inquiry will be channelled through a funnel system to ensure that we are making the right choices for our Mirabela members.

Once the consultant has gathered all the relevant information from the inquirer, is satisfied with their requirements and they fit our preferred customer base profile, their profile is then accepted and put into our data base and compatibility is matched accordingly.

We then deliver the right match that has been requested by the client to the best of our ability via email or by phone – again, keeping this process very personal.

Unlike free dating apps or online sites, we interact with you weekly so that we can carefully select the best match. We also equip you with the tools and knowledge on how to become a datable and desirable partner through our coaching and personal styling.

Many of our Mirabela members have come to us after having first tried an online platform. The feedback we have received is that the profiles are lacking in quality, discretion and some say they are not who they say they are.

Q: How is the introduction arranged?2020-10-07T14:05:16+11:00

A: The Mirabela team personally create and review your profile and all the information gathered throughout your sign-up period.

You will receive a profile of your selected match in your inbox, this comes with a personal statement which depicts who the person is and what they are looking for and, of course a recent photo.

All we need from you is to show up and enjoy your time with your selected match. Feedback if highly valued, we encourage our members to contact their consultant to discuss their date and provide their open and honest feedback.

Q: How many dates do I go on?2020-10-07T14:06:20+11:00

A: Your dates depend on your membership. Each membership comes with a set number of dates we can guarantee.

Q: What happens to my membership when I meet my match2020-10-07T14:06:39+11:00

A: Fantastic! During your dating journey with Mirabela after your first few matches you decide you want to explore a relationship with a selected Mirabela match we will put your membership on hold.

Regardless if you meet someone through Mirabela or on your own, we will happily freeze your contract.

Q: How many members do we have on our database?2020-10-07T14:07:27+11:00

A: I had the desire to help busy professionals find love in a more personal boutique environment when I founded Mirabela. Therefore, we are actively matching 300 members! Basically, quality members is the most important to Mirabela, rather than having thousands of members who you can’t match to the level of quality and expertise that we match people to.

Mirabela is more of a personal recruitment agency. With this in mind I have worked hard to simplify the dating and introduction process as much as possible, bringing you an introduction agency with a personal tou

Q: What can you guarantee me as a Mirabela Member?2020-10-22T11:44:57+11:00

A: This is never an easy task, nor is it ever guaranteed to match someone to their soul mate. However, with collaborative efforts, coaching, teamwork and daily actions to make necessary changes to being a better, more confident “dater”, positive results happen.

Yes! We are here to stay and are dedicated to building successful relationships daily.

Yes! We will always be honest and transparent as we want to maximise your chances of love and happiness.

Yes! We have a growing database of over 300 hand-picked eligible members.

Yes! We take this very seriously and will be in contact with you within 24hrs to start your journey.

You don’t have to be alone in your search to find love. We are experts in this field who are happy to help you. Reach out. Explore and take action.

Q: How do I begin?2020-10-22T11:16:05+11:00

A: To begin your dating journey, all you need to do is send us an email via the contact form link. Or email me direct to [email protected]
Maria or a member of our experienced professional team will get back to you within 24 hours. We will arrange a free zoom or face to face consultation.
Then you are one step closer to meeting that special person.
For all questions and to book a consultation please do not hesitate to call our experienced and professional team today on 02 8205 7776.
We look forward and would love to hear from you today!

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