Here’s some perspective from the opposite sex:

From a Woman’s Perspective:

  •  He seemed confident and didn’t call me several times before the date.
  •  He showed up with flowers or wine.
  •  He didn’t talk negatively of his ex.
  •  He was happy with his life and job.
  •  He seemed interested in my life and didn’t just talk about himself.
  •  He had enthusiasm and energy for being there and meeting me.
  •  He had a great voice and was friendly on the phone.
  •  Together we had good conversation and he has interesting things to talk about.
  •  He offered to pay the bill, the baby-sitter or the valet.
  •  He had style and great taste in clothes.

From a Man’s Perspective:

  • She had a great smile.
  • She unlocked the door on my side after she got in the car.
  •  A sense of humour–it showed me she was on the same wave-length mentally and that she was fun.
  •  She called and said thank you the next day, or sent a text message.
  •  She held a nice conversation.
  •  She was full of vibrancy and energy but she wasn’t wired.
  •  After several nice dates she made me dinner.
About the Author: Maria Mirabela
As an old-fashioned romantic, I believe in unconditional love. I believe that finding love is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As an executive dating service and a personal matchmaker, I am proud to boast a 95% success rate! Think of me not just your matchmaker but as your friend, colleague and life coach.