Part 2
#5 Dress to impress. Shop wisely and don’t dress sleazy. There’s a way to dress sexy but classy and that’s want you want to achieve. Hire a wardrobe consultant if you have to. But get rid of any trashy clothes. Millionaires are not usually going to marry a woman that looks like a club dancer!

#6 You’ve got to go and be where the single millionaire men are. Go to lunch, dinner and fundraisers at places that have the types of men you want to meet. If you live in a crappy area, find a roommate and move to the good side of town.

#7 Last but not least, sign up with a reputable matchmaking agency. And if you do take this step listen to what your matchmaker tells you to do. Meet the people they pick out for you. And if you meet a successful person that likes you, give them a chance. Unless you’ve dated many single millionaire people they might seem odd to you. They could be more confident, busy at work and might not call you as much as you’re used to. Get to know them, make a friend and show them what a great person you are.

And above all else do not sleep with them before you get to know them very well!  At Mirabela Elite it is much easier, so take your matchmakers advice and you’ll date successful single professional people that you will fall in love with!

About the Author: Maria Mirabela
As an old-fashioned romantic, I believe in unconditional love. I believe that finding love is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As an executive dating service and a personal matchmaker, I am proud to boast a 95% success rate! Think of me not just your matchmaker but as your friend, colleague and life coach.