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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve added another dimension to our already highly personalised and exclusive matchmaking service – Mirabela Travel Club.

Mirabela have joined forces with the travel experts at Horizons Cruise & Travel to offer you a selection of travel experiences to get you away from the chaos of everyday life and back focusing on building lasting connections while you’re at your most relaxed and happy.

What is Mirabela Travel Club?

Mirabela is your solution to destination dating!

We are not talking about removing the simple pleasures of a traditional dating – we have our clients covered for that, too.

What we are offering you is the opportunity to go outside of the dating box and experience your first, second or third date on a luxurious adventure, specifically designed to help you relax and enjoy your special date. Finding yourself in a helicopter ride over Sydney, touring in style across the Hunter Valley wine region or hunting for pearls in one of the best pearl farming destinations in Australia. Mirabela has covered all basis to ensure you and your date have the chance to laugh, connect and enjoy the day.

Why choose Mirabela Executive Travel Club?

There’s a beautiful concept to jumping in at the deep end with someone and going away with them, because you’re making yourself vulnerable by allowing them to see you for longer than a few hours on your standard date format and taking yourself away from what’s familiar to you.

The idea of packing a bag and heading to a new location that has both of you out of your comfort zone means you’ll both get to see each other in a new light, away from the familiarity of life and in an environment where both of you can only be yourselves because you can’t rely on the things you know around you to support your personality.

Being open to being vulnerable with someone will really feel like taking a chance on love, it’s a way of saying I want to experience new things with you and I want to grow with you. It shows that you’re not afraid to give a glimpse at exactly who you are and to some of you this may feel like a big but exciting step when thinking about spending an extended period of time with someone for the first time.

Now we’re not saying get rid of or replace the dating “norms” where you grab a coffee or go for dinner, but what we are saying is why not try something different and amp it up …. if you’re ready to do that our experts are here to help and advise.

A note from your Matchmaker

If traveling is something you love to do, imagine a luxury experience that has been designed for you to connect with people who have been specifically matched to you!

Come and experience Mirabela Executive travel and get to build or create connections while you’re at your most relaxed, whether that’s chilling out and drinking a glass of Pinot or heading off for a day of action-packed adventure.

We can also help to plan getaways for those of you riding solo! Traveling isn’t just for couples, it’s for anyone looking to escape the crazy 9-5. So book a package and we can help by putting you with a group of like-minded individuals wanting to head off on a similar getaway vibe to you.

Our travel packages offer something for everyone, so pack a bag and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

What’s the process?

STEP 1: Not a member yet? Click on the form below and register now for FREE!

STEP 2: Fill out the Travel Club form and start recording your videos telling us all about yourself and your travel style – don’t forget to show three forms of ID

STEP 3: Mirabela will then begin the Matchmaking process

STEP 4: Your travel companions or Match will be selected and shared with you followed by a phone call to discuss this potential travel partner or partners if you are travelling in a group

STEP 5: Once all parties have agreed to the packages and payment is made you will receive your travel document

STEP 6: Enjoy your travel Adventure!

Who can benefit from The Mirabela Travel Club

Our Travel Club is an exclusive experience for people registered with Mirabela.


Are you a Mirabela member and want to experience one of our travel dates with your single friends? Great! We’ve got you covered there, too. Simply get your friends to register on our Travel Club page for free and we will put together the group date of a lifetime.


Our Mirabela singles are looking for fun, adventure, connection and romance. Any of our singles registered with Mirabela Travel Club have two options.

1. They are able to request to be allocated to a group date. All group dates have an even ratio of male to female members and are all hand selected to be great potential matches.

2. They can request to be set up on an exciting 1 on 1 experience with a hand selected match


We have found your perfect match, YAY! We are super excited and have something extra special planned just for you. You will find yourselves spending some extra-quality time building on those lasting connections on one of our luxurious weekend getaways, hand crafted for you and your special match.

Take the next step and begin your dating journey today

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