So what happens AFTER the most magical moment in the makings of a relationship? We are all taught to believe from a young age that we are going to meet our ‘Prince Charming’, fall in love instantly and share in a big romantic smooch before riding off into the sunset and living ‘Happily Ever After’. What they don’t show us is how those beloved characters that we’ve grown up loving pull through all the difficult and troubling situations presented by life. Granted it wouldn’t be much of a romantic love story if that was the case, but it would have been a big help to have that insightful information.

So what does happen after the Big Kiss? Well, in this day and age I’d say sex, love and if you’re lucky marriage and kids. But how can we tell if the one that we are kissing is The Right One? Do those fireworks really happen in that moment? How many of you can honestly say that you have gone weak at the knees while in the embrace of the one you assume is the love of your life?

About the Author: Maria Mirabela
As an old-fashioned romantic, I believe in unconditional love. I believe that finding love is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As an executive dating service and a personal matchmaker, I am proud to boast a 95% success rate! Think of me not just your matchmaker but as your friend, colleague and life coach.